How to Restore Deleted Recycle Bin Files

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There are times when the recycle bin gets accidentally deleted when being emptied, or is removed due to malicious software. Fortunately, there is actually a way to restore recycle bin deleted files before they are lost forever. There are some steps you can follow for restoring your recycle bin. The recycle bin is found on your desktop on most Windows based systems and represents a directory that holds and stores deleted files temporarily. The whole purpose of your recycle bin is being able to retrieve files you may want back, or that were deleted accidentally or by mistake. And also for recovering space that was taken up on your hard disk.

Sometimes the recycle bin icon will accidentally be deleted when emptying its contents, or gets removed from malicious software. In these cases Microsoft has a further option for you, so you recycle bin and its functions aren’t completely erased or disabled. Here are the steps for restoring your recycle bin:

For Windows Vista or for Windows 7, your first step will be to fire up your control panel, accessing it from your Start menu. At the control panel, you see a list of options, including ‘System and Maintenance’, ‘Security’, and ‘Network & Internet Connections’, then ‘Hardware’, and finally ‘Appearance & Personalization’. From these options you want to select ‘Appearance & Personalization’, and then just ‘personalization’. Under your tasks on the left hand side, you can see where it says, ‘Change Desktop Icons’. Click on this to bring up your most common desktop icons. There you can locate the recycle bin’s icon. Check this and then click ‘Okay’, and you’ll see that your recycle bin once again appears on your desktop.

If you have Windows XP, then you need to right click anywhere you have empty space and get the drop down menu. Now you click on ‘Properties’ at the bottom of the list, and then click your desktop tab. On desktop properties, you click on ‘Customize’, then click ‘Restore Default’. This will enable all your original icons to be visible on your desktop again, but now you’ll need to restart your computer. It’s a very simple method of restoring your recycle bin with Windows XP.

And there you’ve done it! It’s good to know how to do this, especially if you’re like me, and sometimes try to go too fast and make mistakes all the time.

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